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About Us

We create Catholic Pop Music! Inspiring lyrics, melodic melodies, and soul-filled encouragement that will bring you closer to finding your path to heaven!

Welcome to Sunknight Music! My name is Jeff Jones, and I’m the founder of Sunknight Music, a place to find not only fantastic modern Catholic Pop Music, but also community, inspiration, and motivation for our journey to change the music landscape. At Sunknight Music, it is truly my greatest heart’s desire to help others find encouragement and fulfillment through a balance of wonderfully made music and an intense love for our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope to combine my talents with yours, and provide amazing music to nourish the world’s mind and soul.

I also desire to cooperate with other musicians, to provide a combination of deep Catholic themes with professionally produced Catholic Pop Music. Sunknight Music, is created to inspire you to share your talent, find a place where that talent can thrive and grow, all while enjoying the journey!

What you’ll find on Sunknight Music:

Catholic Pop Music

Catholic Pop Music is different from secular music, only in context of its lyrics. Every album at Sunknight Music is made by professional musicians from around the world. All songs on a Sunknight Music album are filled with Catholic lyrics, which means they are specifically made, to combine Pop Music with the Catholic calling of the New Evalgelization. All our songs are written played produced edited mixed and mastered, by people from different faiths. This unique combination of talented music professionals allows for a wonderful dichotomy that reaches beyond the set stereotypes the world places on faith, and explores what can happen when hope and love are looked at from a universal advantage.

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