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Our Mission

At Sunknight Music, we are inspired to help develop and advance the New Evangelization through music. We believe music is a fantastic means for social gathering. We understand first-hand the impact music has on our daily lives, and we are committed to extending that reach as far as we can. We support talented Catholic musicians. Come join us either through prayer, enjoying our music, or as a part of our team. God bless you and keep you, always.

Honored Collaborators


China, is an evocative soul stirring singer from Brooklyn, New York. Her talent can be heard on “Queen of Angels” and “Green Grass” from the Crown of Twelve Stars album.


Cecilia, is an amazing composer. She lives and works in Rome, Italy. She has both and undergraduate and masters in music composition from the Conservatorium of Saint Cecilia in Rome. Her smooth and lively melodies can be heard all over the Crown of Twelve Stars album.


Nathan, comes originally from Canada, but now does a ton of work in Los Angeles. A very talented tenor, he can clearly be heard on “Ark of the Covenant” and “Pierced Heart” from the Crown of Twelve Stars album.


Kaz and her sister, run a small home studio in Manilla, Philippines. Her advanced knowledge of melody and infectious delivery of outstanding vocals, made us take another breath. She wrote melodies and sang on “Eternal Bliss” and “Mama Came Home” from the Crown of Twelve Stars album.

Singer Lyricist and Producer

Ziv, originally comes from Israel. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee where runs his own very professional studio. His singing talent can best be heard on “Love me Love you” and “Fountain of Grace” from the Crown of Twelve Stars album.